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          Trainers as per Different Labs

  1. Computer & Communication Networks Labs

  2. Computer Hardware Lab

  3. Analog Communication Lab

  4. Digital Communication Lab

  5. Advanced Digital & Data Communication Lab

  6. Antenna & Microwaves Lab /   
    High Frequency RF Lab

  7. Fiber Optic & Laser Communication Lab

  8. Audio / Sound  Engineering Lab

  9. Video & TV  Engineering Lab

  10. Consumer Electronics Lab

  11. Power and Industrial Electronics Labs

  12. Instrumentation & Measurements Lab

  13. Autotronics and Mechatronics  Labs

  14. Bio-Medical Instrumentation Lab

  15. Control Lab

  16. Instruments Lab

  17. Microprocessors, VLSI, DSP, Embedded System Labs

  18. Basic Electronics Lab

  19. Linear Electronics Lab

  20. Digital Electronics Lab

  21. Electrical Lab

          Trainers as per Different Universities

  1. Trainers for ITI - Radio TV and Electronic Mechanics

  2. Trainers for MES (Modular Employable Skills)

  3. Trainers for IETE Syllabus

  4. Trainers for BSC Electronics - Gujarat

  5. Trainers for Gujarat Colleges as per GTU Syllabus

  6. Trainers for Rajasthan Colleges as per RTU Syllabus

  7. Trainers for Delhi University Colleges Syllabus

  8. Trainers for Mumbai University Colleges Syllabus

  9. Trainers for Pune University Colleges Syllabus

  10. Trainers for Kolhapur University Colleges Syllabus

  11. Trainers for All Other Universities of India Syllabus
    Other items for Training

  12. Instruments

  13. Project Kits & Circuits

  14. Softwares

  15. MATLAB Simulations

  16. Books by Sigma

  17. Electronic Teaching Slides (Power Point Slides)

  18. Expert Lectures - Live

  19. Training Workshop/Courses at our Training Institute

  20. Instruments Training at our Training Institute

  21. Laboratory Charts

Brahma Kumari Lectures                                  General Knowledge Lectures    

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