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Electronics  Sector

1 ELC101     Basic Electronics-Repair and Maintenance of Power supply, Inverter and UPS Syllabus
2 ELC112 Operation of Clinical Equipment (Level 1) Syllabus
3 ELC113 Operation of ECG & ICCU Instruments (Level 1) Syllabus
4 ELC115 Operation of X-Ray Machine & Dark Room Assistance Syllabus
5 ELC117 Operation of Physiotherapy Equipment (Level 1) Syllabus
6 ELC202 Installation and Maintenance of DTH Systems Syllabus
7 ELC203 Digital Videography - Editing and Mixing Syllabus
8 ELC204 Repair and Maintenance of Washing Machine and Microwave oven  Syllabus
9 ELC205 Repair & Maintenance of TV Receiver Syllabus
 10 ELC206 Maintenance & Repair of Electronic Test Equipment  Syllabus
11 ELC207 Repair and Maintenance of Cellular Phone Syllabus
12 ELC208 Repair and Maintenance of Intercom Systems Syllabus
13 ELC209 Installation & Maintenance of Electronic Equipments in Cell Phone Towers Syllabus
14 ELC210 Repair and Maintenance of PA and Audio System Syllabus
15 ELC211 Repair & Maintenance of Photo Copier & Fax Machine Syllabus
16 ELC214 Maintenance of ECG & ICCU Instruments (Level 2) Syllabus
17 ELC216 Maintenance of X-Ray Machine (Level 2)  Syllabus
18 ELC218 Maintenance of Physiotherapy Equipment (Level 2) Syllabus

Information & Communication Technology Sector

1 ICT205 Computer Hardware Syllabus
2 ICT206 Computer Networking Syllabus
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